Reformed Italian penitentiary system: 
changes in the health care of prisoners

The article, after outlining the particularly troubled development of the reform of penitentiary system in Italy, focuses on the innovations introduced in the field of health care for prisoners. The author also highlights the legislative shortcomings, which concern, above all, the protection of mental health of the insane offenders. The Constitutional Court of Italy has recently intervened on this matter in order to guarantee the possibility for the convicted person suffering from a mental illness to have access to house detention beyond regular limits. It therefore condemns the situation where there is an absence of a practical alternative to prison and the omission of the creation of prison sections with exclusive or prevailing health management specializing in mental health problems to which sick prisoners could be assigned.

Keywords: particularly difficult reform, healthcare innovation, legal loophole

Słowa kluczowe: szczególnie trudna reforma, innowacje w opiece zdrowotnej, luki prawne

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